Boracay 2019

| March 13, 2019



Have you seen or been to Boracay lately?

Closure is over and the prime tourist spot in the Philippines is again open for tourism, with a new face.

Stricter penalties are now being imposed against environment violators. The activities of vendors, ambulant masseurs, manicurists, etc. are also regulated. Lamp posts and CCTVs are already in place along the beachfront. Existing municipal ordinances which prohibit littering, drinking, dining, and smoking on the White Beach are also in effect. Boats are advised to dock only on their designated stations. Motorcycles and other public vehicles are also advised of the recalibrated traffic rules. Drainage and sewage systems are still ongoing and better road networks are underway. A lot more developments are expected.

Now comes the most awaited time of the year – summer! Surely, travelers, adventurers from all over the world and locals alike are excited to frolic under the Boracay sun or enjoy the cool romance under an ambient moonlit night.

An observant eye will also notice that the White Beach is dramatically “spotless”.  Environment-friendly sailboats, crystal clear turquoise waters, fine white sand and the timeless tangerine sunset makes Boracay as one of the best sunset spots in the world! For the avid photographer better ready your cameras.

As Miriam Risager (Danish blogger) quipped “I have seen many beautiful sunsets in my life, but these were insane! The sky literally looked like it was on fire with all those colors spanning across the sky. It left me speechless – which doesn’t happen a lot – and in complete awe of the beauty I saw.”  (

Now with minimal distractions, one can just sprawl on the beach, enjoy the panoramic view and witness the breathtaking sunset only Boracay can offer!