• Missy Hista

    Birthday: August 3

    Hobbies: Cooking and singing

    Sexy, conservative, optimistic and fun!


  • Diego Bandido

    Birthday: March 31

    Hobbies: Free-diving

    Rugged and rough exterior, warm, sensitive in the inside. Fun and funny.

  • Biboy Bibo

    Birthday: April 20

    Hobbies: Reading books

    Friendly and dependable, informative, fun and a fast talker.

  • Maria Morena

    Birthday: July 28

    Hobbies: Dancing in front of the mirror and making videos.

    Simple and approachable. Goal-oriented and fun to be with.

  • Frankie Labot

    Birthday: December 25

    Hobbies: Writing music

    Happy-go-lucky and can be romantic at times.