• Ate Lang lang

    Lolo Kikoy’s happy partner in fun banter and antics sure to liven up your mornings.

  • Lolo Kikoy

    Your grand daddy of the airwaves always guarantees a show to give you advice coupled with daily doses of wit and laughter.

  • Botsoy

    The boy who sounds small but talks big… naughty, playful and fun.

  • Chino Chinito

    Chino’s smart and cool quips are great enough reasons to your afternoons swooning over him and your fave songs.

  • Lala Banderas

    She is amiable and approachable. Extroverted and adventurous but has an accommodating and accepting heart. So when in doubt and down, talk to DJ Lala.

  • Totoy Bato

    Add jolly and funny to the mix of songs on the air and your mornings are well spent with totoy bato.

  • Rico Panyero

    The person behind the tagline “Inspirasyon sa mga Walay Gi Karelasyon.” He is fond of reading and making funny versions of hugot lines.