Program Schedule

Mondays - Fridays


    Yes The Best Of Today (YTBOT)

    Daily 6 - 9 am

    Hyped-up show featuring the recent hits of today plus some surprise gifts, funny horoscopes, “patok” jokes and a lot more! With a lovely and bubbly Morena it’s a surefire breakfast companion that will wake up your mornings!


    Hashie Ni Beshie

    Daily 9 - 12 nn

    Just “hashtag” your thoughts and we’ll take it from there! Remember, “Life is Good!”


    TLC The Drama Special Interactive

    Daily 1 - 3 pm

    A mix of “Timeless” Love Songs and Current Hits spiced with friendly advices for those who need it the most. A relaxing afternoon to all.


    Request On The Fly (ROTF)

    Daily 2 - 6 pm

    Keep your life livelier with your favorite song requests, video messages, greetings and some “glitterati.”


    Boracay By Night

    Nightly 9 - 12 mn

    Featuring “Yes The Beks!” as your beacon this is a late-night radio show like no other. Still the question remains – is he really gay or put it otherwise, how “gay” are you when you’re with “PJ”??


    Yes The Buzz

    Saturdays 1 - 4 pm

    “Chismis here, there and everywhere!” Get a good dose of laughter and “current” events to enliven your weekend afternoons!


    Yes The Rock

    Saturdays 4 - 6 pm

    Saturday it is! Time to Rock the island with the “Bingwit Master” featuring the hit rock songs years past.



    Sunday's Best

    Sundays 7 - 11 am

    A relaxing ambience with feel-good music and life’s musings!

    Wake up and get energized by a fun ride with Sunday’s surefire hits plus some sweet talks with the island’s charming sweetheart!