Program Schedule

Mondays - Fridays


    Yes The Best Of Today (YTBOT)

    Daily 6-9 am

    Hyped-up show featuring the recent hits of today plus some cool island updates and out-of-the blue jokes and a lot more! With your sweet “Sirena” it’s a surefire breakfast companion that will wake up your mornings!


    Hashie Ni Beshie

    Daily 9-12 nn

    Just “hashtag” your thoughts and we’ll take it from there, Mama D gotcha. Remember, “Life is Good!”


    Request On The Fly (ROTF)

    Daily 2-6 pm

    Keep your life livelier with your favorite song requests, song features for “Bida Best”, greetings, fun advice and chit chat with your ate-next-door Missy Hista.




    Saturdays 1-4 pm

    “Chismis here, there and everywhere!” Get a good dose of laughter and “current” events to enliven your weekend afternoons with your  trusty reporter/DJ Mama I!


    Yes The Rock

    Saturdays 4-7 pm

    Saturday it is! Time to Rock the island with the “daldalerang makulit pero sweet”  Missy featuring the hit rock songs from years past.


    Pag-Ibig Feels

    Saturdays 7-12 mn

    Heartaches, heartbreaks, complicated relationships anyone? No problem we will fix those broken hearts. And for those who are so in love with each other, why not, share your lovelife with us and let’s further inspire others to learn the language of love!


    Sunday's Best

    Sundays 7-11 am & 2-6 pm

    A relaxing ambience with feel-good music and life’s musings!

    Get energized by a fun ride with Sunday’s surefire hits plus some sweet talks with the island’s charming sweethearts!