• Sara Sirena

    Radio-friendly, cheerful yet very talkative. This little siren is a sweet mix of laughter and sensible topics about the environment, people and love! Oh, i mentioned LOVE right? Aaaww.. how sweet!

    Facebook: @SaraSirenaYesTheBestBoracay

    Instagram: /sarasirenayesthebestboracay

    Twitter: @Sara_Sirena16

  • Jack Fisher

    Known for his jokes and funny advices. Commonly uses the tagline “Bingwitan Na!” – a signal to get hooked on his program Yes The Best Of Today – a fast-paced countdown of current hits and yes, he is the “Bingwit Master!”

    Also handles “Yes The Rock” every Saturday at 4-6 pm featuring the rock hits of the 90’s up to the present sure to keep you awake!

    Facebook: @JackFisherYesTheBestBoracay

    Instagram: /jackfisheryesthebestboracay

    Twitter: @JackFisherYesFM

  • Maria Morena

    Fast-talker, funny, fashionable and fabulous! That’s what’s this “morena” beauty is all about dishing up trends and new songs on Request On The Fly! Your day would be totally “funtastic!” with a big RAWR!

    Facebook: @MariaMorenaYestheBestBoracay

    Instagram: /maria_morenaboracay

    Twitter: @MariaMorena911

  • Papa Joke

    Boy, Girl, Bakla, Tomboy – whatever gender preference you may have, make no mistake for a very lively late-night interaction with your “Papa” or “Papi” tackling topics about gender, celebrity gossips, island happenings, relationships and anything “in-between” on Boracay By Night.. mmm, and oh is it “PG” or “PJ”? Anything goes, after all he/she is Papa Joke!

    Facebook: @PapaJokeYestheBestBoracay

    Instagram: /papajokeyesthebestboracay

    Twitter: @papajokeyesfm


  • Mama D

    Cute and charming with clever words to match, she will make your Sundays “The Best!”

    Facebook: @mamadyesthebestboracay



  • Mama I

    Well equipped with a bubbly character and some friendly advices plus some timeless selection of songs on Sunday’s Best, surely she will make your weekends refreshing! Oh La Chica!

    Facebook: @mamaiyesthebestboracay